How to make the best hamburger recipes!

Best Hamburger Recipes

The Best Hamburger Recipes

I suppose it's about time to let the family secret out of the bag so others may enjoy the juiciest, most delicious hamburgers ever created by humankind. Come on in and taste pure hamburger heaven.

Are you ready to build the most scrumptious, delicious hamburgers you've ever had before in your life? Are you just looking for a new way to make a burger? Something a little more creative? Well, you're in luck because I'm about to show you how to design your own burger that suits your own specific taste. Follow along, it's real easy to do.

NOTE: This recipe IS meant to be tinkered with!

best burger recipe ingredients

Basic Ingredients:

Any amount of Ground beef (I prefer 80/20)
1 egg

Then gather whatever else you want to put in it.
I want this particular batch to be spicy and sweet so I will also be adding:

Worcestershire Sauce
Tabasco Sauce
Crushed Red Pepper

You can put almost anything into a burger, from peanut butter to fresh salsa to cheese. Experiment! What do you usually add TO your burger? Throw in some diced onions, peppers, even ketchup!

Ground beef meat hamburger recipe

STEP 1 - Wash your hands and your countertop and plop a brick of your favorite thawed ground meat down on it. (Ground beef is being used above)

Flatten the hamburger meat

STEP 2 - Flatten and spread the ground hamburger meat so there is more surface area exposed.

best hamburger recipes ingredients

STEP 3 - Add the egg along with whatever other ingredients you will be using. In the above picture I have added the egg, Tabasco sauce, worcestershire sauce, and a generous amount of crushed red pepper. No bread crumbs yet.

hamburger meat recipe mix

STEP 4 - Begin mixing all of the ingredients into the meat by folding the hamburger meat over itself and working it together with your hands. Fold and press.

best hamburger meat

STEP 5 - Continue kneading the hamburger meat mixture until you are satisfied that the ingredients are evenly distributed.

flatten hamburger meat recipe

STEP 6 - Flatten the hamburger meat mixture against the counter once again.

bread-crumbs in hamburger meat

STEP 7 - Lightly cover the top of the hamburger meat mixture with breadcrumbs and then mix it into the meat in the same way that you just did the other ingredients. The amount of breadcrumbs will vary from batch to batch depending on the amount of liquid ingredients you add. The idea here is to get the meat to a consistency where it holds together really well but is not overly wet or dry. When you can work a piece into a tight ball and plop it down on the counter without it deforming too much or breaking then you've got the right mix.

Huge delicious hamburger meatball recipe

STEP 8 - Work the hamburger meat mixture into a symmetrical 'ball'.

Divide the hamburger meat recipe
little hamburger recipe

STEP 9 - Split the ball up into equal sized portions. These will be your patties so decide how big you want your burgers to be. You can do this by hand or with a large knife. I find the knife is easier to get a good separation with.

hamburger meat patty recipes

STEP 10 - Take each hamburger meat portion and work it into a tight ball. Cup the meat between your hands and squeeze it as hard as you can to pack it together tightly.

hamburger recipes for later

STEP 11 - Once you have a tight ball of meat in your hand, slowly work it between your palms into a flat, patty shape. If the edges start to split, use the crease in the center of the palm of your hand to 'pinch' and work them back together. I always make more than I am planning on immediately cooking, so the extra hamburgers can fit between sheets of wax paper and then into a freezer bag to be frozen for later.

best hamburger recpies

best hamburger recipes for later

The best hamburger recipies

Cooked best humburger recipes

STEP 12 - Cook up some of these burgers using your favorite method, and serve on a toasted bun with the condiments of your choice. Mmmmmmm. I generally either use my trusty George Foreman or the outside BBQ.

delicious hamburgers
words best hamburger meat recipes

Wow, was that some easy stuff, huh? Go ahead an experiment! Questions? Comments? Have a killer hamburger recipe you want me to add to the site? I can be reached at the following address:

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